Paying Attention to the Details

Phewwww, it’s been awhile. In an effort to take care of me, I took some much needed time off from things across the board and focused on my children and family. The overarching anxiety this pandemic has brought from all different directions has been so very real. But that is not what brought me backContinue reading “Paying Attention to the Details”

The Lifelong Journey of Adoption Trauma

Every adoption is different. Some adoptees have more positive experiences then others. Some adoptees were provided a safe space, not to deter the fact that the trauma still exists, but they were supported in handling that trauma in a healthy environment. However, not all adoptions are safe. When I say this, I don’t necessarily meanContinue reading “The Lifelong Journey of Adoption Trauma”

Prioritizing your Child’s Life Over Your White Fragility.

I have been sitting on this blog post as the various events have unfolded over the last few days in regards to George Floyd and his horrific murder. It is hard to put into words the feelings I have felt and continue to process over another senseless murder of an unarmed black man, of myContinue reading “Prioritizing your Child’s Life Over Your White Fragility.”

Let’s Talk; Seeing Behaviors Through a Trauma-Informed Lens

Let’s Talk! In the above diagram, the words on the left represent the words we hear all the time in the world of foster care and adoption, to describe the children and youth we are charged with protecting. These show up on on treatment plans, school reports, in case files and most importantly in bothContinue reading “Let’s Talk; Seeing Behaviors Through a Trauma-Informed Lens”