About Me

Stephanie M. Oyler, MSW, LSW

The vision of Adoptee LIT quickly turned into a reality during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. What was always a goal has now become action. As both an Adoptee and an Adoption professional I come with a unique set of skills and perspective in understanding and navigating the Adoption world. I hold a Masters in Clinical Social Work from Rutgers University and I am licensed to practice in the state of PA. I have experience in Residential Treatment Facilities, Child Welfare, Foster Care, and Adoption. I have been an adoption caseworker and I am now a Post Adoption Counselor providing therapy to children and families both in foster care and post adoption. It has always been my mission to provide my perspective as an adoptee and to help educate and guide prospective adoptive parents and adoptive parents in understanding the complexities of adoption in order to better help their current and future child/rens experiences as an adoptee. This blog serves as the stepping stone to the work I hope to continue and expand upon. Adopt LIT aims to educate, advocate and to adjust the adoption narrative by creating a space that welcomes honest conversation and brings awareness to adoption’s complexities.

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